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Finishing Systems

Oil Skimmer

The Bintzler Incorporated oil skimmer will remove up to a gallon of oil from a wash tank in about 20 minutes. The oil is scraped from the drum using .020 spring tempered stainless steel. The waste oil travels down the chute to a pipe coupling. This way, the discharge can be plumbed to a drum for recycling, or other proper disposal methods. 

Oil skimmers are supplied in conjunction with a recirculating pump. The pump returns the cleaned solution back to the wash tank, and keeps the continuous flow in process. The pump is energized and de-energized with either a float switch, or electronic level control.

The system can be supplied as a stand alone unit with a separate tank to be retrofitted to existing washers. This requires a fabricated enclosed trough for the wash solution to get to the oil skimmer.

It can also be supplied less the tank if it is to be mounted directly into the wash tank. When done this way, it is recommended that tank partitions be used with a weir to skim off the solution. Oil skimmers work best when placed into a quiet tank where pumps and sprays do not churn up the solution.

Other key features include:

         Magnetic door catch

         Door is completely removable for servicing

         slotted scraper - allows for wear

         Square footprint - mount any one of four ways

Please contact our sales office for specific questions or requirements.




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