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Bintzler Incorporated

Cell Type Processing

Bintzler Incorporated, in the constant effort to improve not only their own ideas, but also their customer's processes has developed a family of cell process equipment.

One member of this "family" is so versatile, that there can be one unit performing all operations, or several units combined into a "mini-finishing system". This equipment is also adaptable for a number of processes.

  • Cylindrical drum tumbling with or without agitation

  • Custom basket tumbling with or without agitation

  • Modified to tumble purchasers existing basket with or without agitation

  • Any of the above with agitation only

  • Cabinet type equipment for above baskets or single parts

  • Conveyor type machines for baskets, racks, or separate parts.

This is a partial list of the most common applications for cell type processes so widely used today. This equipment is only limited by the imaginations of our expert personnel.

Aqueous washers can be customized for all processes by incorporating sprays for the cleaning and rinsing cycles. With either high, or low pressure. Heat using electric heaters (preferred), or steam. Ultrasonic transducers can also be included depending on the cleaning requirements. The addition of a deionized rinse will produce spot-free rinsing.

Cleaning cycles can vary on time to the purchaser's specifications, and can be automatic, manual, or both.

This equipment can be manufactured using mild steel, stainless steel, or plastic, or even a combination, whichever is preferred by the purchaser, or required by the process.

Small, efficient oil skimmers can also be included as an option to remove large quantities of machining or manufacturing oils, to help decontaminate the cleaning solutions.

   Conveyor Cell Wash/Dry Machine  Cell Type Drum Washer  Cell Type Conveyor Washer

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