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Bintzler Incorporated

Material Handling Equipment


Bintzler Incorporated has a line of material handling equipment which came about more out of need than anything else. We were asked by different fork truck distributors to look into solving certain  needs they had. Some of those needs were special fork extensions, mast modification, mast repair, special carts, and trucks for towing.

When specials are required, our engineering staff works closely with the truck manufacturer to ensure that any modification gets their stamp of approval.

Belt conveyors, roller conveyor (both powered and gravity type) as well as any similar products are manufactured to suit. Most facilities do not fit into a "cookie cutter" situation. That means that if a standard item is purchased, most cases it needs to be modified. Therefore, the discount you thought you got ends up costing more money. 



Fork Extensions

Extensions are fabricated using structural steel channel. This gives them a better resistance to bending than their formed counterparts. There is a 1/2" x 1-1/2" flat bar strap welded to the channel to wrap behind the fork heel. Extensions made this way cannot slide off the fork as some others do. The nose is tapered in two dimensions for ease of insertion into or under the load.

Note: Osha requires the extension be no more than 1-1/2 times the fork length.


Four wheeled trucks

Trucks such as the ones pictured can be made to fit the particular load to be carried. as well as any weight. Caster brakes, floor jacks, urethane wheels to steel wheels. Whatever the need. They can also be made to run on an imbedded track in the floor.

Platforms and Mezzanines

Platforms, catwalks, mezzanines are all custom manufactured to suit the particular location and purpose. Platforms and catwalks can be made as free standing as the unit pictured, or as an attached unit for a piece of machinery.

      Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor can be supplied in any configuration. Whether for automatic parts feeding, or to move material from one place to another. They can also be supplied to be adjustable where the pitch is changed, but the footprint stays the same. As well as either gravity fed, or powered rollers. The possibilities are limitless.


Our engineering staff will work closely with you and the equipment manufacturer to be sure that you get what you want, and it has the manufacturer's approval. This example shown was one of many folding seats which when folded down created a flat platform with which to load cargo. When raised, the seats allowed for personnel transport. 

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