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Bintzler Incorporated
Industrial Finishing Systems

Flatwire Conveyor Cell WasherBintzler Incorporated designs and manufactures all types of industrial finishing equipment. From small aqueous parts washers to entire finishing systems for painting finished parts,  phosphating lines for corrosion protection, and paint adhesion, or whatever the customer's specific needs are. Equipment is all custom designed for specific products and processes. There is never the question of "will this work for me?" that one might ask of off the shelf equipment. At Bintzler, there is really no off the shelf.

Too many times standard equipment is modified to attempt to work with parts not designed into the machine. All this seems to do is end up with an unsatisfied customer. We want all of our customers not only satisfied, but impressed, as well.

Cleaning can be accomplished by dip system, agitation, spray, brushing, or by whatever means is necessary. Based on the product, and production situation. Bintzler Inc. has experience with them all. All electrical controls and schematics are designed in house. Control panels, and machinery wiring are also done by Bintzler's expert electricians. This eliminates any third party problems which may arise. Controls are determined by the customer's need and budget. Panels can also include state of the art PLC technology. All electrical work conforms not only to the NEC code requirements, but also to the stricter NFPA #79 Standard for Industrial Machinery.

5-Stage Overhead Monorail WasherPower Roller Conveyor to clean and dry light gage aluminum Shuttle Conveyor

Bintzler Inc. also has capabilities to manufacture special items and parts when purchased items do not meet the specific criteria of the situation. This includes gearboxes, adapters, brushes, blowers, and much more. All material is processed in house to design specifications. There is never "That's good enough". It is either right, or not at all.

Compact Rotary Drum DrierFlatwire Belt ConveyorBintzler Inc. has over 100 years combined experience in the metal finishing field. We can assist our customers not only in what type of system best suits their needs, but also in the chemistry to achieve the desired result. Bintzler Inc. works closely with the chemical suppliers to best serve the customer.

If you have a need for service work, or maintenance on yourBatch Barrel, Discharge Cylinder, Continuous Drum Drier Loaded for Shipping existing equipment, call us. Our skilled, knowledgeable service technicians can perform all requirements to any system. Whether it is gas burner  adjustment for proper air/fuel ratio, component replacement, or troubleshooting to solve unknown problems with operation. We will be happy to assist you with any needs you might have.

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finishingSome of our current customers include:
Rochester Products Division of General Motors Superior Metal Products
Amerock Consolidated Metal Products
Arvinyl Division of Arvin Industries Anchor Bolt and Screw
Cummins Engine Hobart Industries
Texo Corporation Fusite Division of Emerson Electric
Polyvend P. P. G. Industries
Batesville Sheffer Corporation
Delphi Automotive Systems Cincinnati Milacron
Federal Mogul CSX Transportation
Microswitch Division of Honeywell Union Pacific Railroad
Allied Signal Division of Honeywell Norfolk Southern Railroad
Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad Belt Railway of Chicago

finishingAnd Many More.....................

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