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Finishing Systems

This is an example of one of our combination batch barrel and continuous drum systems designed and manufactured for the Amerock Corporation. Amerock is a manufacturer of some of the finest hardware available today. Drawer and door pulls, hinges, and corner trim, are just a short list of items manufactured by them. In this system, parts are cleaned and polished in the urethane lined batch barrel. The lining is to avoid damage as the parts tumble. After cleaning, the material is fed into a pick-up inside the barrel and transferred to a discharge cylinder where the drain is located. After draining, all parts are transferred again into the continuous drum drier. The parts feed through the drum, and are discharged and unloaded at the end.

Batch Barrel, discharge Cylinder, and Drum Drier Loaded for Shipping  Batch Barrel, discharge Cylinder, and Drum Drier Loaded for Shipping

Continuous Drum Drier


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