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Bintzler Incorporated

Railroad Wheel Cleaner
Railroad Products

Rail Wheel CleanerThe Bintzler Incorporated Rail Wheel Cleaner, US Pat.#5,991,952. This unit is in use by many different freight rail companies across the country. The purpose is to clean contaminates from the wheels of rail cars prior to entering the master retarders in the hump yards. It eliminates contaminates affecting the retarder's braking function. The unit can be either air or electric actuation, however the brush drives are 10 hp electric motors. The entire unit comes complete, mounted on 7- 10" x 10" x 10' retarder ties with 19'-6" of rail, ready to set in the line. Standard rail size is 136# A. R. E. A., but any size desired can be accommodated.

Brush Adjustment Gage Wheel cleaner brushes need to be adjusted for wear periodically. This is most easily accomplished using the Brush Adjustment Gage shown here. The gage can be customized for any situation, in any hump yard. This can be purchased separately, or as an accessory with a wheel cleaner.

Thread GuardHere is a guard Bintzler Inc. developed as a solution for thread damage on the AAA Model 81 retarder adjusting bolts. Thread damage caused mainly by air line couplers striking the threads and peening the threads down. This creates maintenance difficulties, and increased costs because of replacing the bolts. The guard has two cam type hold-downs which open up to slip over the casting, swing up to lock in place and a pin is inserted to hold the guard in place. These can be installed, and/or removed in a matter of a few seconds, without the use of any tools.

Retarder Brake Shoe RackRetarder Brake Shoe RackBintzler Inc. also manufactures a line of retarder brake shoe racks. Shown here are a two shelf unit, and a three shelf unit. However, these can be designed and manufactured with any modifications to these designs as the customer desires. Both units have a load capacity of 1500# to 2000# per shelf. The three shelf unit also has a solid plate top, middle, and bottom shelf for storage of items shorter than the spread.


Retarder Stools These are model 50B retarder stools which Bintzler Inc. has rebuilt for CSX Transportation in Cincinnati, Ohio. The original mounting plate has been removed, and replaced with the formed channel base shown. This allows for mounting to the tie from either the top, or the side. The flanges (legs) of the channel wrap around the sides of the tie. These can be made to accommodate any tie size.
Shown here is a switch mounting plate manufactured for CSX Transportation. Bintzler Inc. was able to meet the quick delivery required, and completed the plates in just a few days.  Switch Mounting Plate

Bintzler Inc. also remanufactures the brake shoe shim brackets used on many of the retarders used in certification yards across the country. Many times the swivel bolts used are either broken, or the threads damaged. These can all be repaired at a fraction of the cost to replace. Bintzler uses press pins instead of welding to help facilitate repair the next time replacement of the swivel bolts is necessary.

Bintzler Incorporated has had experience with many different railroads across the United States and Canada. Different rail companies differ in many ways, but, are also the same in other ways. They all want quality, quick turnaround, low cost, and excellent service.

"Bintzler Incorporated can deliver!"


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