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Finishing Systems

Here is 1 of 2 similar machines developed for Superior Metal Products. It is a power roller conveyor to clean and dry light gage aluminum sheets used for large home appliances. Cleaning is accomplished using spray solution along with soft nylon brushes. All rollers have been covered with buna-n synthetic rubber, to eliminate any scratching or other damage to the sheets. The process involves two cleaning stages, two rinse stages, with the final rinse of deionized water. After the D-I water a heated, filtered air drier with air knives completely dries the aluminum. Sheets exit the machine directly into a clean room for silk screening.


Power Roller Conveyor to clean and dry light gage aluminum


Complete testing of the washer - as is done with all equipment manufactured. Not only for function, but cleaning with the customers chemical. This machine surpassed all specifications and expectations.


Complete testing of the washer


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