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Bintzler Incorporated
Industrial Finishing Systems

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There are many reasons to purchase an industrial finishing system, or industrial washer from Bintzler Incorporated. The most common is either to improve quality, or to increase production rates. Another is to replace an existing vapor type degreaser in accordance with  new EPA requirements. We can help with all of these needs. Our experience in the industrial finishing field is second to none. Our engineering and design staff has over 60 years experience in the art of Industrial Finishing. Not only in the design of systems, but also direct involvement in the actual manufacture. This gives them needed exposure as to what can and cannot be done on the manufacturing floor. 

When required, testing is performed to either determine the feasibility of a certain process, or to verify particular cleaners as being appropriate for the process. In these cases, small test equipment is manufactured. We work closely with chemical suppliers, and obtain sample chemical to run all required tests. Once the process and proper cleaner has been determined, sample parts are sent to the customer for approval. This additional expertise in the chemical side of industrial finishing gives us necessary background to design Cover_New.jpg (355404 bytes) and build the absolute best machine for the parts and   process.

There are many options which can be incorporated into our systems. These include, but are not limited to:


Drum type oil skimmer
Variable speed drives - AC or DC
Chip baskets or drawers
Clip-on spray nozzles
Quick release spray risers
Access doors/panels
Tank counterflow
Exhaust air water separators
Complete turnkey installation

Bintzler Incorporated is committed to supplying their customers with the very best machine, at the very best price, and the very best service possible.

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