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Cell Type Cabinet Washer

Shown here is a small Cab-o-matic washer. It is complete with both a wash and rinse stage. Both occur in the same cabinet. Drains to each separate tank is accomplished through special valves. This machine has a small footprint, as do all of our cell washers. This is because all the tanks are identical.

In this machine, the parts enter and exit by means of a conveyor. This is can be either indexing, or shuttle. Whatever works best with the purchaser's set-up. The parts do not move during cleaning. The spray risers move back and forth along the part. This is necessary to achieve total cleaning.

Some options that are available include, either an ambient air blow-off, or a heated drier, an oil skimmer to extend the life of the cleaning solution, and powered exhaust. The powered exhaust is recommended to reduce the amount of steam escaping when the guillotine doors open.


Bintzler Cab-o-matic Washer


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