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Cell Type Batch Barrel

Shown below is another member of our "family" of cell equipment. This Batch-o-matic is a batch barrel for tumble cleaning. It has both wash and rinse stages, controlled by an automatic timer. When the cleaning process is complete, the barrel reverses rotation to automatically discharge the parts into the purchaser's containers.

This barrel can also be utilized for de-burring; using different tumbling media to achieve different results. Burnishing can also be accomplished in this barrel. The desired finish on the parts will determine what media to use, and/or what solution will work best. However, when using media, some drum modifications are necessary. The addition of a separating cone is one of those modifications.

As with all of our cell equipment, there are several available options which can be added to help customize the machine. Some of these are: an oil skimmer which will increase the wash solution life, an ambient blow-off, heated drier, and powered exhaust.


Batch-o-matic Tumbling Barrel


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